Today, The Association of Global Automakers and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers released the following statement on the FCC's Pending 5.9 GHz Safety Spectrum Actions:

"The pending action by the FCC risks lives, slows innovation and runs counter to what the Commission has heard from safety and technical experts. The FCC must consider the significant investment of public and private dollars in V2X deployments and the adverse economic and safety consequences of reallocating the 5.9 GHz safety spectrum to unlicensed technologies. Other spectrum bands, including the 6 GHz band are being made available for unlicensed technologies. Even with today’s action by the Commission, the FCC has an obligation to protect critical safety communications from harmful interference, including unlicensed technologies.

A flexible plan for using the safety spectrum is needed to promote innovation and accelerate deployment of life-saving transportation technology. The auto industry is ready to deploy V2X technologies using the full 75 MHz to save lives, reduce congestion and help the environment. Seeking to give away the Safety Spectrum for use by Wi-Fi will reduce available safety services and risk lives. We plan to submit comments on the formal proposal during the public comment period to underscore the risk that such an approach raises."